Owner’s Experience

A moderate investment in a Bona Venture Stables horse allows both new and experienced racehorse investors the opportunity to participate in the ownership and thrill of top-class thoroughbreds.

Our commitment is to make the racing experience as enjoyable as possible for owners of Bona Venture Stables race horses.  We believe it is important for each owner to feel a part of the racing experience.  As an owner you have the opportunity for morning visits to the backside and barn area at the race track.  You meet trainers and jockeys, discuss race strategy, training regimes and consult on the racing career of your horse.  In the afternoon, owners experience the racing game first hand, from thrilling stretch drives, to photo finishes and finally that exhilarating walk to the winner’s circle for the ever-cherished win photo!

Bona Venture Stables handles all of the day-to-day management issues making it easier for you to simply enjoy and fully experience owning a part in The Greatest Game on Earth – thoroughbred race horse ownership!

We maintain regular communications with our trainers and send that information along to all owners through e-mail updates on training progress, racing plans and trainer comments.  We publish an electronic newsletter that keeps Bona Venture Stables investors and friends updated on the horses’ progress, stable plans and event gatherings and provide e-mail notification of entries and results for all our horses.  Regular horse updates on races, results, workouts and related information is also posted at www.bonaventurestables.com, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bona Venture Stables hosts an “owners” weekend every August at Saratoga Race Course.  Here owners, family members and potential owners spend a hands-on weekend with the horses, attend early morning workouts, tour the stable barns and back stretch area, talk with our trainers, jockeys and exercise riders and attend the races to learn first-hand about the business and experience the excitement of thoroughbred racing. Of course, owners are welcome to experience the training and racing any time.

As an owner you are expected to purchase an owner’s license in each state that your horse races.  This license provides a number of privileges at the race track, including free clubhouse admission, free parking in the owner’s lot, access to the stable areas at all times and entrance into the paddock when your horse is racing.  First-time licenses required an owner to be fingerprinted and a background check.  The typical first time fee is about $220 per state and $50 per year for renewal. Bona Venture Stables will assist in the owner licensing application process.

Bona Venture Stables also provides a complimentary copy of the winner’s photo and a digital race copy for all winning races.  Owners may also purchase replicas of any trophies or plaques for stakes wins.