What it Costs

Each Bona Venture Stables horse is maintained as a separate LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and race under the name and colors of Bona Venture Stables. Full shares in a horse are offered in eight 10% increments. Half-shares (5%) and multiple shares can also be purchased. Bona Venture Stables will always maintain a minimum 20% investment in each horse.

Each investor is asked to make a minimum commitment for a period of not less than two years.  Depending upon the horse’s physical condition, competitiveness and earnings potential, we periodically review each LLC’s business performance. At the conclusion of that review, if a majority of investors wish to disperse of the horse and dissolve the LLC we will do so.

While day-to-day decisions such as race entry, jockey selection, training, etc. are usually made by the trainer in consultation with Bona Venture Stables management, all major decisions regarding the horse and our investment are made by a majority decision of the investors.

The initial investment (each horse is individually priced depending on a number of factors) covers the original cost of the horse along with all training expenses for a specified period of time, first-year mortality insurance, and management fees. Following the end of the pre-determined initial investment period, investors are be billed quarterly for their pro rata share of the monthly cost, minus earnings, for their investment.

In general, it costs about $32,000 to $54,000 per year to keep a horse in training, depending on where it competes.  Costs at Belmont and Saratoga are significantly higher than those at Tampa Bay Downs in Florida or Finger Lakes Race Track, near Rochester, NY. The purses offered are commensurate with the costs.

Bona Venture Stables credits individual horse purse money each quarter and distributes any remaining profit at the conclusion of the race meet.  First place receives 55% of the total purse; second place 20%; third place 10%; fourth place 6%; fifth place 4% and so on.  The industry standard calls for a trainer to receive 10% – 12% of any winning purse.  We also pay an additional 2% to 3% as stable team incentives.  A jockey is paid 10% of a winning purse and 5% of any purse money for finishing second or third.  Typically a flat fee of $95 is paid to the jockey per mount.